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   La Luna Textiles is a collection of leather and fine paper journals created by bookbinder & leatherworker Kelsey VanDemark. Kelsey has been creating journals since 2015 within a variety of lanscapes; these landscapes play part in the story of her work and life which is relationship to place. The transition of place is reflected in the evolution of her work and the materials sourced to create each piece. Inspiration is found in natural materials such as flowers, crystals, bone, beads and textiles. All journals are created with peace and care to embody mindfulness and the spirit of slowing down to intentionally connect with our creativity.

Kelsey is currently working in Rochester, New York,

and is available for private bookbinding classes.

Work is available for individual purchase or wholesale.

Custom orders are always welcome. Visit the

shop or contact Kelsey for more information.

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Kelsey was selected as one of the top 3 artists at the 2021 Rochester Clothesline Arts Festival, receiving a Merit Award

Cactus Field

La Luna is the force behind intuition, the tides,

the ebb and flow of emotion and the cycles of time.

Textiles are the fabric of life, which give us warmth, comfort, and personal expression.

It is through the creation of textiles that humanity evolved into artists and storytellers, lovers and philosophers.

Journals for Creators and Nomads

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